Hastings and Bexhill Area Breast Cancer Support Group

Special Events for members

From time to time we arrange special events, either as part of one of our meetings or as additional, informal get- togethers.

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April meeting

Miss Shah, such a delightful lady, came to our April meeting, she gave us information on tissue matrix used in reconstruction, but then was happy sitting chatting with various groups, answering any questions they had.

London Fashion Show - Thursday 28 September

If you would like to go to this event please give your name to Heather, who is organising the trip again this year.

September Meeting -

We had a fantastic evening with Isabelle Endreo, who joined our group at Christmas and is a Nutrition Advisor. This is a little resume of the evening: "I   found   in   my   quest   for   good   nutrition   and   Breast cancer   that   when   searching,   one   finds   there   are   a   lot   of contradicting    advice    around    which    can    be    a    little confusing,   however,   I   want   to   share   and   show   what worked   for   me   and   encourage   you   to   make   your   own mind    up    and    explore    what    good    food    and    healthy cooking   can   do   for   you.   I   will   talk   mainly   on   how   food and   healthy   eating   has   helped   me   to   cope   with   and recover   from   the   treatment   of   breast   cancer   and   how   it is   helping   me   now   to   maintain   a   healthy   weight   and deal   with   hormone   therapy   and   its   side   effects.   I   will relay   some   of   the   advice   I   received   at   the   Haven   in Fulham   but   also   nutrition   information   that   I   have   found helpful.   I   am   also   preparing   a   meal   to   share   with   you.   I hope   also   to   make   it   as   interactive   as   possible   with some fun activities-and a quiz" "As   for   the   food,   I   was   thinking   more   like   a   meal,   as   we   are   entering   the   autumn   months.   Also   I   want   to   introduce   an idea   of   mindfulness   to   the   eating   and   sharing.   So   I   was   planning   a   warming   meal   which   is   easy   to   prepare,   with   no complicated processes, and also cheap and cheerful - I will bring some recipes with the nutritional information."  

Afternoon Tea - Sunday 21 May at Powdermills Hotel, Powdermill Lane, Battle.

The group had a wonderful afternoon tea at Powder Mills Hotel. It was attended by about 24 Pink Ladies; we had some very pretty sandwiches and lots of little cakes and a fantastic celebratory cake decorated with our logo.(Thank you to Diamond Design cake makers) Thank you to the members who bought raffle prizes, including Alison who fluttered her eye lashes and got us a voucher for a cream tea at the Hotel. Pam thanked everyone for coming and reminded us of past members who had a big input in the hosting of the group. It was also an opportune time to thank Janet for her skill in keeping our head above water as treasurer for the last seven years. It was wonderful to meet each other in a social setting, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the weather was just as I ordered and we even had a beautiful peacock displaying himself to us. We are grateful to Macmillan for giving us this opportunity; I will be emailing them with our thanks at the earliest opportunity. We missed some of the usual members but we now have lots of cake, residing in Pam’s freezer, for our next meeting.

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